News - November 2018

General / 30 November 2018

This November was packed with new stuff. Coming off Inktober, I had the opportunity to re-evaluate my goals and focus going forward. Over the last year, I have further narrowed what kind of illustration I want to produce and with that, a list of what I need to work on emerged. I am going back to basics and going into the new year, I’ll heavily be focused on learning new techniques and foundational illustration practices that will allow me to make more and faster. 

I began with a strong focus on concept art. I want to be able to design and draw characters faster than I am able to now. I want to be able to increase my output of concept ideas so that more of my thoughts end up coming out rather than put aside for later. In the past, this part of the process rarely made it to my social media, but looking forward, I think people would want to see these stages and I’ll be throwing much more of it online.

Aside from the foundational stuff, I have also been working on more commission type work this month. I created a podcast graphic for the Letters to Myself Podcast my friend Elden creates. 

I have also been working on, and am still finalizing a new graphic for Boucho who has asked me for several works in the past to accompany his music. 

I got some huge news from my tech job this year which is that we will not be flexing up to full time this January which gives me back a whole month of the year I wouldn’t have to create as much. I plan to utilize this opportunity to make things I can print, to make things I can put on apparel, to make things for YOU to get your hands on and love as much as I love making them. Big big plans for the new year and December is the lead into that. Stay tuned, friends!