News - October 2018

News / 24 October 2018

There are several big updates this month, beginning with October's dedicated project, Inktober! I participated in Inktober 2017 and had a great time so I figured I would do it again this year. Last time around, I set some parameters for myself including doing all the drawings in the same little moleskin sketchbook, and using black watercolor to shade. I had a good time with it, but this year I decided on fewer restrictions.

This time around, I did not limit myself to a sketchbook, which was a good call because the booklet last year was too small and the paper  too thin. I'm doing it on regular 8.5x11 in. copy paper now and feel much better about the lack of size limitation. Another key focus this year was creating a set of characters or subjects that could exist as part of a greater world yet to be created. I wanted to use the daily drawing prompts to conceptualize and create a quick character sketch around each daily theme. Of course, I did have to limit myself on time as October is one of the most busy non-art months for me so each drawing is generally completed in about 2 hours from concept to posting it online. I am now in the last week stretch of Inktober and have loved the feedback and seeing other artist's drawings. I feel Inktober will end up being an annual tradition for me and that's very exciting!

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In other news, and as you may have noticed, I moved my site from Squarespace to ArtStation and am quite happy with the switch so far. I have changed web hosting providers/sites a few times since I started posting my artwork years ago and each time, I feel like I'm getting closer to fitting a digital portfolio with the type of work I produce. Squarespace was a huge improvement from running and coding a Wordpress site and though it had some deeper limitations, Squarespace did all I needed it to do and well. The setup was easy and features easy to understand. 

The problem was simply with the cost to run the site. Billed annually, Squarespace came to about $12 a month. This included a lot of robust features that I imagine artists and creators in different fields make great use of, but my work did not really utilize. At this point, I don't really sell a lot of physical goods, so the store feature sat idle most of the time, I really only utilized the portfolio page and link aspect of having a "main site" so I felt I was paying for features I did not need.

I considered backing down from a paid portfolio site model for a bit and just running everything off social media, but I do understand and want the value of having a dedicated portfolio to showcase my best work. After a lot of research and consideration, ArtStation Pro ended up being the best fit. Not only was this site created for my field, but annually comes out to $7 a month to do almost everything Squarespace offered that I took advantage of. I still have a great portfolio view, a page displaying all the social media links you would need to follow my work online, and this blog which I want to post news and new projects to. Overall, I think this will fit what I do a lot better and I am quite excited for the future!

The month is almost over, so a new post will be coming soon enough, next month after inktober finishes, I plan to dive right back into digital work and start working on expanding my arsenal by focusing on anatomy and figure drawing. I really think this is the missing piece to unlock a whole new level for my illustration and I am way late to the party. Thanks for checking out this update and I hope to have lots more to share with you soon!