The Migration


I decided to take down my wordpress site and instead, chose to join with squarespace. There were a few reasons for this decision but it essentially came down to..

Usability: Not for the person viewing my site, but on my end. I'm in no way an advanced web builder and though I could learn almost anything I needed to know about Wordpress, I save much more time using squarespace's beautifully designed site builder. Everything is drag and drop and easy. This means more frequent updates, and an overall better experience. My last revision of Wordpress took me well over a week to put together. This site took me under a day.

Price:  This one is simple. It costs me less to keep my page here. I was paying around $23 for hosting plus a store account with bigcartel. I loved both services but squarespace just had it all built in. I payed annually and got that down to $18 per month. Can't beat that. 

Design:   This one is a pure trade off. I loved the last revision of my site for the one-page theme. Everything was stacked nicely. The only downside was the loading. This site offers a nice clean multi-page site that adapts flawlessly to mobile and allows theme switching if I wanted another layout.  

Overall, I'm extremely pleased to bring this site to you. I'd like to say I worked hard on it, but that's simply not true. They made it easy.